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Glossary for Roller Shutters

Accessories for joining the roller shutter to the tube

This kind of items named Hooks are used to attach the first slat of the blind - using metal or plastic springs or through the use of a safety strap - to the octagonal tube.


The Arno is a continuous rope winch used to open/close the blinds through a cord.

Automating accessories

Items used for automating Rolling Shutter systems with tubular motors. May be used Rain, Wind, Light or temporized sensors that will open or close blinds and curtains themselves as the final customer likes.


The bearings are used to create a conjunction with low friction between the rotating parts and the static ones of the Rolling Shutter System.


The Caps are applied at the ends of the tube as a component for the conjunction with the rest of the Rolling Shutter System.

Control buttons

The buttons on the wall are used to drive tubular motors for blinds or curtains.


The cord is used to drive the system Arno.

Cord lock

The cord lock is used to avoid the free swinging of the cord near the wall when not in use.

Cover plates

The cover plates are used to cover the frontal side of a strap coiler placed inside the wall.

End caps

The end caps are used to assembly and shape the shutter boxes.

Hand crank gears

The hand crank gears are used to handle the blinds.

Hand cranks

The Hand cranks are used to actuate the relative handling systems.

Head drive adapters

The Head drive adapters are mounted to the rotation axis of the tubular motors to be able to handle several types of octagonal tubes for blinds and awnings.


The Universal joints and flexible joints are used to connect the hand crank to the respective operating system.


The Tubular motors: with or without manual override, with or without in-build receiver, it is used to open or close Rolling Shutters (Blinds) electrically.

Octagonal tube

The Octagonal tube is the axis of rotation of the blind to which it is fixed.


Plastic STOPPER are used to avoid the wrapping up of the rolling shutter on the octagonal tube during the opening of the shutter.

Power control

The control units are electrical systems used to centralize the electrical systems of blinds/curtains. This kind of items allow to the final user to open and close all systems through a single push-button.

Profile guide

The profile guides are used a side channel in which the shutter slides.

Projection frames

The projection frames are used to open partially the windows with when the blind is lowered. It provide privacy and protection from direct sunlight or other weather conditions.


The pulley are used to rotate the octagonal tube by means of a strap or a metal rope connected to the coiler or rope-winch.

Remote control

The radio transmitters are used to operate the motors remotely and to centralize your home without wires. The Stafer radio transmitters allow to open/close one or more blinds simultaneously with a single key.


The rope is used for handling shutters or sunshades trough rope winches.

Rope winches

The rope winches are manual handling systems, are used to collect the rope which moves the shutters or sunshades.


The Shell is a strap coiler used for external wall.

Shutter boxes profiles

The shutter boxes are used to cover the upper side of the shutter box.


The sleeve is used to avoid that rope is not damaged by friction with the surrounding surfaces.

Sliding profiles

The reinforcements profiles are used to prevent distortion and overloading of the slats of the blinds ONLY for the PVC made ones.


The strap is used to operate the shutter manually by means of a Strap Coiler.

Strap coiler

The strap coilers are used to contain and spring back the strap during the opening/closing of the blind.

Strap guides

The strap guides are used to flow freely the strap through the passage holes on the shutter boxes.

Support for bearings

This kind of support are used to fix the bearings to the wall or the inner side of the shutter boxes.

Supports for motors

The Supports for motors are used to fix the motor to the wall or to the inner side of the shutter boxes.

Upper/Lower box profile

The upper/lower profiles are used to enclose all the handling systems inside the shutter boxes.