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Frequently asked questions

How many assembly interaxes Stafer’s strap coilers type ZENITH and EXPORT have?

Which type of Stafer’s strap coilers could work together with the VENUS cover plate?

In which colors the cover plate type VENUS is available?

Handling a rolling shutter, when can I use a simple Pulley and when it is suggested to use a Gear instead?

Which kind of strap coiler it is suggested to work with a Gear?

For which reason Stafer octagonal Tube are available into different thicknesses?

Why Stafer octagonal Tubes have holes on the external surfaces? Could those holes be dangerous to the standard function of the Tube?

Why do we need Plastic STOPPER for the Rolling shutter?

Which kind of item is a PROJECTION FRAME? When it can be adopted?

Where it suggested to use a Central Lever PROJECTION FRAMES instead of a Lateral side Opening PROJECTION FRAMES?

Which kind of Stafer WIRE WINCH is suggested with SUNSHADE PARASOL?

Which kind of advantages the use of a Rolling shutter allow?

How does the Stafer Wireless Centralization works?

Can I use Tubular motor with each kind of Blinds?