For which reason Stafer octagonal Tube are available into different thicknesses?

The different thicknesses of the Tubes are designed to allow a correct use of a rolling shutter, avoiding damage to the window structure or injuries to the people handling the shutter. Big thickness means good resistance to the weight of the rolling shutter.
Why Stafer octagonal Tubes have holes on the external surfaces? Could those holes be dangerous to the standard function of the Tube?

Holes on the external surface of octagonal tubes are used to couple shutters on the roll. Holes don’t modify in any way the features of the octagonal Tubes.
Why do we need Plastic STOPPER for the Rolling shutter?

Plastic STOPPER are used to avoid the wrapping up of the rolling shutter on the octagonal tube during the opening of the shutter.
Which kind of item is a PROJECTION FRAME? When it can be adopted?

PROJECTION FRAMES, available in Iron and Aluminium construction too, is used to allow to sun light and refreshment air to come into the room when the shutter is closed. The Projection frames allow to the customer to keep its own privacy closing the shutter but allowing to the sun light and fresh air to enter, thanks to the angular opening of the PROJECTION FRAMES.
Where it suggested to use a Central Lever PROJECTION FRAMES instead of a Lateral side Opening PROJECTION FRAMES?

It’s suggested to use a Lateral lever projection frame when the windows is about 1,4 m as a maximum dimension. it is suggested to use a Central opening lever PROJECTION FRAME when the windows is larger than 1,4 m.
Which kind of Stafer WIRE WINCH is suggested with SUNSHADE PARASOL?

“SALENTO” winch with aluminum case is designed to satisfy this kind of application. The RIVIERA rope winch with plastic case also, is a very good solution for SUNSHADE PARASOL applications.
Which kind of advantages the use of a Rolling shutter allow?

Using of a rolling shutter allow important advantages: Safe Energy for cooling/heating your home. Enjoying your privacy in your own home closing the shutter. During rain, snow, wind, aluminum shutters provide effective protection. Room remain comfortably shaded.
How does the Stafer Wireless Centralization works?

It works thanks to a transmitter that can communicate with all the motors (with in-build receiver or with the appropriate control units). This makes possible to open and close all the blinds pressing a single button. Setting up the remote control, it automatically handles the opening/closing of the shutters at the times previously planned.
Can I use Tubular motor with each kind of Blinds?

Yes. Stafer systems allow to motorize several kinds of rolling shutter. It is very interesting upgrading your own installation with a Stafer tubular motor without changing or dismount the existing blinds.
How many assembly interaxes  Stafer’s strap coilers type ZENITH and EXPORT have?

Stafer’s strap coilers type Zenith and EXPORT have a range of interaxes 142 mm, 160.5 mm, 165 mm and 184 mm. It is also possible to use the cover plate type VENUS
Which type of Stafer’s strap coilers could work together with the VENUS cover plate?

It's possible to use the VENUS cover plate with ZENITH and EXPORT strap coilers only.
In which colors the cover plate type VENUS is available?

Cover plate type VENUS is available at the moment in: white, black, aluminium, shine gold and polish gold.
Handling a rolling shutter, when can I use a simple Pulley and when it is suggested to use a Gear instead?

It is suggested to use a Gear inspite of a Pulley since we have a weight of minimum 15-20 Kg of the rolling shutter.
Which kind of strap coiler it is suggested to work with a Gear?

Working with a Gear, it’s usually recommended to adopt an high capacity strap coiler. Generally it is suggested to use a coiler with capacity at list of 8 m.